This page is unproperly named, as it contains more than publications stricly speaking: reports, old work,...

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Linearity in higher-order recursion schemes
Pierre Clairambault, Charles Grellois, Andrzej S. Murawski. POPL 2018. Long version on demand. See also the video recording of the presentation.
Probabilistic Termination by Monadic Affine Sized Typing
With Ugo dal Lago. ESOP 2017. See also the long version.
Relational semantics of linear logic and higher-order model checking
With Paul-André Melliès. CSL 2015.
Finitary semantics of linear logic and higher-order model-checking
With Paul-André Melliès. MFCS 2015.
An infinitary model of linear logic
With Paul-André Melliès. Fossacs 2015.

Indexed linear logic and higher-order model checking
With Paul-André Melliès. Proceedings Seventh Workshop on Intersection Types and Related Systems (ITRS), 2014.

To access the whole list of conferences and workshops without proceedings I've talked at, and browse the associated slides, please see the Talks section.

Colored intersection types: a bridge between higher-order model-checking and linear logic
With Paul-André Melliès. TYPES 2015.
On the coinductive nature of centralizers
15e Journées Montoises d'Informatique Théorique, 2014.

Semantics of linear logic and higher-order model-checking
PhD thesis, supervised by Paul-André Melliès and Olivier Serre. 2016.

During my studies, I have also written several surveys about theoretical computer science and mathematics:

Algebraic theories, monads, and arities
It is essentially connected to Melliès's article named Segal condition meets computational effects, and introduces all the notions necessary to understand it.
Categorical interpretation of regular trees
We study the categorical and equational properties of recursion(in French).
Game semantics and higher-order model-checking
My first steps in the field. This survey relates the early proofs of Ong's decidability theorem for MSO model-checking for functional languages, modelled by higher-order recursion schemes. The draft higher in this page is an extended French version of this thesis.

Application de la sémantique des jeux à la vérification des schémas de récursion d'ordre supérieur
This article was submitted to Technique et Science Informatique. The reviewers asked for a revision of the paper, which I never sent because with time I find it unsatisfying. It may however interest newcomers (although it is in French -- an older version is available in the Thesis section of this page). I plan on writing a better article with the same introductory purpose at the end of my thesis.

  • In classes préparatoires, I had a small research project to do. I worked on modelisations of traffic, using Petri nets and tropical algebras, but also cellular automata. Slides, report.
  • In high school, I had a small "research" project to do. I chose the subject of relativity. You may see the result here.
  • In high school, I also did a "research" project about the perception of taste, with Thomas Vezin. We made an animated movie on the subject, email me if you want it.
  • In high school, Antoine Delignat-Lavaud, Thomas Vezin and I realized a short animated movie illustrating a poetry of Victor Hugo, under the direction of Xavier Lafaysse. Email me if you want it.